Company Profile

Apollo Cleaning Services formed in 1970 provides a truly independent and personal service. In an industry where knowledge and experience counts, our talented team of key personnel enjoy a wealth of experience, providing in-depth understanding of your particular needs and requirements, which are unique to every building.

To this end, Apollo creates it’s own team for each contract to provide regular maintenance and servicing.

In addition to our core cleaning services, we also provide a full range of support services.

What really makes us so different?

Our staff with their professional approach, are each individually inducted, fully trained and highly motivated to ensure the stringent standards that clients expect from a company fully accredited to Quality Standards ISO 9001.

Our continued growth has been achieved by our unparalled commitment to contract supervision and continuous detailed inspections, combined with regular client and staff contact.

All our Directors as shareholders have an unrivalled commitment to the success of the Company.  Professionalism in their field, a personal service and determination to provide a value for money service are the hallmark of Apollo.

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